The Disney Channel Goes Gay

The Disney Channel has finally decided to pay attention to LGBT issues — kind of.

The network released a new PSA recently, which honors Ben, a student who created an anti-bullying video for his school. Ben has two mothers, as shown in the beginning of the PSA.

It’s awesome that Disney is starting to incorporate openly gay parents in their videos, and great that the student they chose to publicly represent was raised by a same-sex couple. But is this really enough?

Maybe. Sure, more of a deal could have been made about Ben’s mothers, but Disney decided instead to focus on Ben’s work as a filmmaker. His film was also about fighting off bullies, and it’s not hard to guess his bullying may have something to do with his having two moms, since not everyone realizes how awesome that could be. But, none of this was acknowledged, we just got to see his two moms when he introduces his parents.

Baby steps. Hey, we’ll take ’em.