Ditch The Label Launches Fashion Campaign Asking “Am I Normal?”

The pro-LGBT campaign is hoping to raise money to help put a stop to bullying.

Ditch The Label, a charity working to fight bullying worldwide, has partnered with fashion brand Boohoo.com on a campaign designed to tackle hate and bigotry and encourage equal love.

They created a video that highlights both same-sex and interracial relationships in an attempt to have viewers question what is “normal” and prove that love has no boundaries.

The partnership also launched an accompanying clothing line, featuring t-shirts with slogans like “Love Conquers Hate” and “Fearless,” and 100% of the profits will help fund vital anti-bullying support.

Ditch the label

Just as Trump’s election win has seen a spike in crime against minorities in the United States, the Brexit vote caused a similarly-alarming increase in homophobic attacks, provoking Ditch The Label to declare that “right now, more than ever before, we need love. Equal love.”

Check out the campaign video below.

h/t: Attitude

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