Diva of the Day: PINK!

Pink, looking cute on TRL.

Today’s “Diva du Jour” is Pink, whose video “Stupid Girls” is on LOGO’s list of Ultimate Diva videos. You can vote for your fave here.

Pink goes shopping in “Stupid Girls.”

Pink has always had a great voice and a kicky attitude, but now she has grown into quite a performer and comedian, and I’m totally into it. Not that she started out poorly; in her first video, for “There You Go”, she rocked some awesome pink hair and drove a motorcycle off a building’s roof so that it flew across the street and into the window of her cheating boyfriend’s apartment. That’s très diva in my opinion — and on top of that her look then was kinda butch which only made it better. I remember that a super-cool lesbian friend of mine was very into her then. (Of course, when hasn’t Pink’s look been kind of butch?)

Surrender the Pink! Pink’s old look, circa 2000.

Pink then went on to tear up her portion of the diva-filled “Lady Marmalade” from Moulin Rouge, turn tricks on a skateboard in the video for “Get the Party Started,” and her two best tunes from M!ssundaztood, “Don’t Let Me Get Me” and “Just Like a Pill” she continued to crank out killer songs about fighting back and not fitting in. And, most recently, Pink participated in the Human Right Campaign efforts on National Coming Out Day, encouraging gay folks to be true to themselves.

“Come out!” sez Pink.

Along the way, Pink’s 4 albums have sold more than 20 million copies worldwide and won two Grammys. Not bad. She continues to resist a the typical pop image that some might want to impose on her — in fact it’s that resistance that is the subject of “Stupid Girls”.

Forblogonly_pinkstupidglass_1 Forblogonly_stupidnight
In “Stupid Girl,” Pink plays the politico, and the sex tape starlet. Har!

When Pink says, “I don’t want to be a stupid girl,” she means that she wants to be appreciated for her talent and for being uniquely different. LGBT people can certainly identify with this — although, ironically, Pink does a pretty good job of playing a variety of “stupid girls” in the video. From video vixen to weight-obsessed bulimic (with a scene that puts a whole new spin on the classic line from Heathers, “a true friend’s work is never done”)—Pink covers a lot of girl stereotypes. My personal favorite is a reenactment of the Paris Hilton sex tape, in all it’s weird grainy black-and-white glory.

Pink nabs a VMA skewering “Stupid Girls.” Nick and Nicole have no comment.

Pink won a 2006 MTV Video Music Award for “Stupid Girls”, and you can watch her hysterically irreverent acceptance speech here. With a new but still kinda butch hairdo (I mean, for the most part, it’s a short military style buzz cut) Pink accepted the award by continuing to mock the vapid stupid girls she had won for playing—and the irony in the fact that she accepted the award from Nick Lachey (the former Mr. Jessica Simpson) and Nicole Richie was certainly not lost on this fan.

Pink rules.

240x360_pinkradiocity 240x360pinklicksgirl 240x360_pinkflying
Pink (from left): At Radio City for the VMA’s, macking with a lady-pal onstage, and making her dramatic entrance onstage in her current tour.

See! Even cute puppies love Pink! Yay!