UK Diver Jack Laugher Poses For “Gay Times,” Is The New Tom Daley: PHOTOS

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Sorry Tom Daley, but a new British diver has stolen our heart: Olympian Jack Laugher is on the cover of the December issue of Gay Times and we definitely like what we see.

We mean that in a friendly, appreciative way, of course: Laugher is all of 18.

Still, he’s got a good head on his shoulders, and a zero-tolerance policy for racism and homophobia in sports: “It should be absolute – if you say something that can be offensive … like racism [or] insulting gay people, [there] should be an instant ban or some kind of penalty so it just doesn’t happen.”

Laugher also says his particular sport is inclusive, thank you very much: “With diving it doesn’t really matter – you’ve got the middle-aged women and young girls anyway, and then gay men. That’s the entire fan base, and that following would be supportive.”

He’s even got some cheeky compliments for Daley, a good friend: ‘Tom Daley is nice and tanned, and that draws in quite a gay following,” Laugher rightly diagnoses. ‘Tom’s poses are pretty questionable though! At the end of the day people might laugh at them, but if I do well I can laugh back! Tom and [fellow diver] Chris [Mears] both look good. So good. They’re very handsome lads.”

The December issue of  Gay Times is out now. Check out photos of Laugher from the magazine and elsewhere


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