Docuseries “Identify” Cheers The Triumphs Of Trans Athletes

“I just love the sport that I play."

Transgender athletes are sharing their winning stories in Identify, a five-episode docuseries that premiered this week on the Olympic Channel.

Produced by Vice, the series profiles volleyball player Chloe Anderson, boxer Pat Manuel, hockey player Harrison Browne, swimmer Schuyler Bailar, and triathlete Chris Mosier, who all embraced their true identities through the help of sport.

Bailar was recruited to Harvard as a female swimmer but has since earned a spot on the men’s team. Manuel, a former Olympic hopeful, is seeking new boxing opponents after transitioning. And Browne, a trans man who made history as a player on the National Women’s Hockey League, is now at a crossroads.

“I won my first race as female and realized how incredibly bad I felt telling people about it because it was the women’s category,” recalls Mosier, who, as the first transgender athlete on a U.S. national team, has become a vocal advocate for rule changes governing trans athletes.

“At the end of the day, I’m just a person that loves volleyball, and I want to play it,” Anderson explains as she prepares to meet her new teammates at UC Santa Cruz for the first time. “I just love the sport that I play, and I want to try and continue to do it, so I just keep pushing to make sure I do.”

Launched in August 2016, the Olympic Channel is available online and via mobile apps for Android and iOS devices.

Watch the new trailer for Identify below.

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