Does Marcia Gay Harden Outshine Jeff Daniels In “The Newsroom” Season Two Trailer?

And oh yes: Jane Fonda is still a big part of the proceedings.



Believe it or not, I chronicled the entire first season of The Newsroom last year, even though Aaron Sorkin’s telejournalism drama disappointed me with its hokey political grandstanding, ridiculous dialogue, and the shocking stupidity of semi-professional tantrum bandit MacKenzie McHale (Emily Mortimer’s character). On the plus side, I loved Jane Fonda’s nefarious presence as Leona Lansing and occasionally enjoyed Jeff Daniels’ huffy rancor as Olbermann-like anchor Will McAvoy.

We’re a month away from the show’s July 14 sophomore season, and guess what? Maybe we’ll tune in, thanks to the presence of two killer guest-stars: Marcia Gay Harden (who was amazing on the second season of Damages, if you remember) and Hamish Linklater (who was recently hair-raising on The Good Wife).

The majority of this trailer is what you expect, but Harden is so on and so killer in her cameo that I can’t wait to see more. Y’all see Pollock? Or God of Carnage on Broadway? Pretty unforgettable turns. Hell, she was even good in that Lifetime movie about Amanda Knox. Note the ferocity here and try to survive it. Linklater is frightening too. Love.

And of course, Jane Fonda is still barreling through the TV screen in a role that feels like the antithesis of her fabulous role in The China Syndrome. Ugh. I’m in.