Does Salvation Army Hate The Gays?

Salvation Army

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As you walk through your local mall, grocery store, shopping center, or virtually any public place this Christmas season, you will undoubtedly run into an old man or miniature horse ringing a bell and asking that you give your hard-earned money away to The Salvation Army.


Well, at least think about it first. Especially if you’re of the LGBT persuasion.

God’s chosen cavalry and the origin of your bedbug problem is in the news from time to time for its startling history of anti-LGBT behaviors and, this year, at least one gay rights group is asking that, in lieu of money, you give the bell ringers a voucher stating your stance against discrimination.

An impressively long list of the group’s unsavory behaviors can be found here.

The high point is an interview where George Hood, a senior official at the Salvation Army, said this about the organization hiring gay people; “It really begins to chew away at he theological fabric of who we are.”

So sweet!

So, now you know what to do when you come upon a guy with a “Need weed money” sign and a man (or miniature horse) ringing a bell and smiling even though it’s freezing and life is empty:

Buy yourself a stiff drink.

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