Does Tyler Posey Seriously Have A Grindr Account?

This Sunday, MTV is airing Being Tyler Posey, a look at the life of the Teen Wolf star. It’s about his tattoo obsession, his friends, his family, and what his life is generally like off screen. He says that he thinks his fans will learn a lot about the real him.

I think the fans will see the dramatic shift between my character on Teen Wolf and the goofy me. Whenever I Instagram or Vine something of myself, I like to go extreme and be crazy and silly. This shows who I really am in between: grounded, physical, rational. It’s going to be nice to have fans see that side of me.

In this preview he’s skateboarding and hanging out with his childhood friends, and one of them says he uses a picture of the three of them on his Tinder, and his association with Posey has helped him a lot with girls. Instantly Posey questions if Tinder is like the straight version of Grindr, because he knows what that is. He even says he has an account. Whether that’s him just being goofy for the camera, or him enjoying trolling gay guys, or something he should discuss with his fiance isn’t revealed in the clip.

Which other Teen Wolf stars would you like to run into on Grindr?

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