Doing Dallas with “A-List” Cast Member Levi

What a heartbreaker!

Meet A-List Dallas cast member Levi! This heartbreaker, rodeo rider, underwear magnate, and authentic Texas cowboy may seem tough on the outside, but behind that big hat and shiny spurs lies a true southern gentleman, who loves other southern gentlemen. Yes, he’s a real-life Brokeback Mountain cowboy.

Aside from his chores and duties at the ranch and as Inch Wear CEO, Levi loves to kick back and enjoy the Dallas night life, whether it is on a porch sippin’ on margaritas, or grappling in an oil wrestling competition at his favorite gay cowboy club. As you may have seen on the show, Levi is the stud of the cast and major heart throb, so what better reason to read his tell-all interview and find out all his favorite Dallas hot spots? Check out Levi’s top Dallas places to see and be seen and tune into catch new episodes of The A-List: Dallas Mondays at 10 ET.


What’s your favorite bar/restaurant to sit outside?
If I’m going to be on a patio, it better be the Porch.

Where would you go for your “last meal”? And what would ya order?
Bob’s Steak and Chop House. I would get the big NY Strip Medium Rare with a loaded baked potato.

What’s the best restaurant that’s your own secret, that nobody else knows about?

Porch, Dallas

Barcadia is a nice little dive, 2nd best hamburger in Dallas! ½ priced food on Mondays make it the perfect place to grab a beer and burger

What’s the most authentic Dallas dish and where do you get it?
The NY Strip at Bob’s.

Your favorite fast-food/drunk-food/late-night feed?
After a good round of clubbing and boozing it up I always (even last-night after our premier) stop by Café Brazil! It is right by all of the gay bars and they totally have the best migas in the world.

And what’s the best fancy, fabulous, splurge-y “A-List” restaurant in Dallas?
Bailey’s Prime Plus, I opened the restaurant in September of ’09. But it is one of the nicest restaurants I have ever seen

Best place for a hangover brunch?
Anywhere with bottomless mimosas ;) Nick and Sam’s Grill has it goin’ on!


Which bar has the cutest/hottest guys?
My favorite bar in Texas in the Roundup Saloon.

Roundup, Dallas

Which is your favorite dive bar (it doesn’t have to be gay, but it’s OK if it is…)? As in, the craziest, messiest place where anything can happen?
Let’s talk about BJ’s, there is nothing to do on a Tuesday night but eeeeveryyyyybodddddyy goes to BJ’s for Trashy Tuesdays and it is also amateur strip night! There are like 15 dancers running around and it gets crazy! One time I joined up for a hot-oil wrestling tournament and won it. (Chase was with me)

The best place for a really expensive cocktail in a majorly posh setting?
Victor Tango on Henderson right around the corner from my place.

Most authentic cowboy joint/honky-tonk, gay or otherwise?
Hellllooo ROUNDUP SALOON ladies and gentlemen.


Hands down, which store do you love the most – and why?
Pinto Ranch! It is the most amazing cowboy shop in Dallas. It is a really high end store, you can bring anything into the shop and they will make a pair of boots out of it for you ;)

What’s your favorite little secret store?
My little secret store is Buffalo Exchange, I always sneek in to see if I can find something unique.

SIGHTS, etc.

Describe the best date/artsy night out? Opera? Museum? Music? Or what…?
I’m looking for a guy to date, someone that can play on the ranch with me all day and drink whiskey with me all night. I love a good rodeo date too!

Pinto Ranch, Dallas

What’s your favorite touristy sight in Dallas?
I’m a JFK nut! I like going down to the grassy knoll, it has a crazy energy to it and the JFK memorial is right next to it.

What’s your favorite quiet place in Dallas?
My favorite quiet place in Dallas is White Rock Lake! I go out there for a good bike ride a couple times a week.

Best place to beat the summer heat or stay cool when it’s hot in Dallas?
A good cold beer is the cure for some intense Dallas heat.

FINALLY – Interpret this as you will…

What’s your favorite Dallas guilty pleasure?
Where, when, how, what?

Through the summer there is a rodeo in Dallas every Friday and Saturday night at the Mesquite Championship Rodeo from 7:00p-9:30p. I sincerely believe it is the best rodeo on the planet!! It is so much fun to sneak up there and watch all of the action take place in front of your eyes. An energy exists inside of a rodeo arena you will never find anywhere else.

Check out all of Levi’s Dallas hot spots below!

2912 North Henderson
Dallas, Texas

Bob’s Steak & Chop House
4300 Lemmon Avenue at Wycliff
Dallas, Texas

1917 North Henderson Avenue
Dallas, Texas

Cafe Brazil
3847 Cedar Springs Road
Dallas, Texas

Bailey’s Prime Plus
2901 Crockett Street
Fort Worth, Texas

Nick and Sam’s Grill
2816 Fairmount Street
Dallas, Texas

3215 Fitzhugh Avenue
Dallas, Texas

Buffalo Exchange
3424 Greenville Avenue
Dallas, Texas

Victor Tango
3001 North Henderson
Dallas, Texas

Pinto Ranch
NorthPark Center 2nd Level,
Suite 2184
Dallas, Texas

White Rock Lake
1500 Marilla Street 6FN
Dallas, Texas

Round up
3912 Cedar Springs Road
Dallas, Texas

Mesquite Championship Rodeo

1818 Rodeo Drive
Mesquite, Texas

Mesquite Championship Rodeo

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