Dolly Parton Gets Abducted by Aliens in Bonkers New Music Video

It's a banjo bop!

This past Friday was truly a holiday. No, not because it was Good Friday, but because 93 new Dolly Parton songs from her early 2000s albums were finally made available digitally and on streaming platforms for the first time.

These six albums are Little Sparrow, Halos & Horns, For God and Country, Live and Well, Those Were The Days, and Better Day. Some of the albums had been released under the Sugar Hill Records/Welk label, but the rights have reverted to Dolly Records, so the country music queen is now able to release them to her fans.

Dolly has said that her 2002 album, Halos & Horns, the third and final part in her bluegrass trilogy, is one of her favorites. Now her fans can discover that album, which, until recently, had only been available on CD.

To celebrate the new-to-you tunes, Dolly re-released the candy-colored music video for the Halos & Horns single “I’m Gone,” a banjo bop about a woman leaving a relationship—and all of her possessions—as she flees her man for a new start.

“I know so many couples who stayed in relationships because of stuff. I’ve always said that I would never stay with anybody who didn’t love me no matter what,” she told Paper about the song. So the song kind of wrote itself as I described all of the things (in a humorous way) that you would leave behind if you left somebody.”

And if that doesn’t sell you, did we mention the music video features UFOs? Dolly and aliens—what more could you ask for?

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