Dolly Parton Raps On “Queen Latifah Show,” Is Still Perfect Somehow: WATCH

Dolly Parton rapped on The Queen Latifah Show and, well, she is not a good rapper. Oh goodness.  Oh no.  Oh lord.

“Hey!  Ho!  I ain’t calling anybody names I’m just saying howdy!” screams Dolly.  Oh no.

Actually, you know what, this is great still. I’m just going to keep watching it forever.  Dolly Parton can do no wrong, even when she is doing wrong.

Wearing a blonde afro and a skintight black dress with gold chains, Our Lady of Dollywood bumbles through an off-beat verse in praise of her host Queen Latifah, who danced approvingly from the sidelines.  You can watch the video (above) or you can pretend you did and avoid the second hand embarrassment.

And yet, somehow, this is still perfect?!

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