Dominique Jackson as Storm? “X-Men” Fans Want to Make It Happen.

"Goddess be praised!"

Dominique Jackson is already the queen of the ball scene on FX’s Pose, but now, fans want her to play the X-Men’s most powerful Kenyan princess.

More than 3,000 fans have signed a petition to cast Jackson as Storm, a glamorous weather-wielding mutant from Marvel’s X-Men universe.

“If there’s anyone that could fill Storms cape it would be Ms. Jackson. From fleeing persecution as a transgender woman in her home country of Trinidad to being a pioneer and leader for the Ballroom and LGBTQ community, Ms.Jacksons knows what it’s like to feel to be an outcast only to find strength in community,” the petition reads in part. “Ms. Jackson’s journey has all the makings of a true X-men, compassion, nerve, and leadership. Appearing in the Emmy nominated drama Pose as Elektra, Ms. Jackson knows how to command any scene she walks into while also being able to deliver strong witted monologues off the top of her head just like Storm does before summoning a bolt of lightning. How amazing would it be to have Jackson deliver the same type of reads with the added power of lightning and thunder? It would be epic.”

Jackson responded to the petition on her Instagram, writing, “Just saw this and would like to thank you all for the confidence you have in me and the support you give! It’s not even about if Marvel sees this but just knowing that you are valued is what is important and makes us all feel human and respected as a part of community and society!”

She also added how she has always looked to Storm as “representation of my trueself!”

Storm has previously been played by Halle Berry and Alexandra Shipp in the X-Men live-action films, but since the latest X-Men movie, last year’s Dark Phoenix, was the biggest box office bomb of 2019, Disney and Marvel probably aren’t itching to return to Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters anytime soon.

But if Jackson were in consideration to play Storm—well, you’d have to call us Professor X because that casting would rip off our wig and leave us bald.

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