Donald Trump Backtracks, Says He’ll Be Good For LGBT Equality

The Donald says above all else, he's "gonna bring people together."

GOP presidential frontrunner Donald Trump was probed about his plans for LGBT equality if he takes office in January 2017, and gave another packaged version of the same classic non-answer he’s used so often.

Asked by lesbian New England Cable News (NECN) host Sue O’Connell if we can “look for more forward motion on equality for gays and lesbians” under a Trump presidency, the 69-year-old billionaire responded, “Well, you can.”

His brief answer may seem positive but it’s actually pretty confusing, given his recent vow to “strongly consider” appointing Supreme Court judges who would overturn last June’s marriage equality ruling.

Trump continued:

“Look, again, we’re going to bring people together, and that’s your thing and other people have their thing. We have to bring all people together and if we don’t, we’re not going to have a country anymore. It’s going to be a total mess. It’s a mess right now, it’s gonna be worse…I’m gonna bring people together.”

Check out the interview in full below. Trump’s LGBT equality comments come around the 2:30 mark.

h/t Towleroad

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