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Donald Trump Swayed Election for Obama: Poll

Republican Turncoat?

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Did Donald Trump skew the election results in Obama’s favor?

The results of a poll published in the Nov. 9 Hollywood Reporter say the Don may have helped out the Democrats by virtue of his horrible personality.

According to the Oct. 29 poll from firm Penn Schoen Berland, Trump drives “11 percent of fellow Republicans towards the Democrats.” The poll also concluded that men are twice as likely to hate Trump than are women.

So do these numbers mean the GOP has a pompadoured Benedict Arnold in their midst? Maybe, maybe not. It is hard to imagine a world where Donald Trump’s opinions carry anywhere near the weight he’d like to think they do. Then again, that’s sort of the point of this poll: people are so aghast at Trump that they run the other way, into the waiting arms of a black Muslim socialist.

Barbara Walters, too, seemed to think Trump was working against himself. “You’t not hurting Obama, you’re hurting Donald,” Baba Wawa said on The View after Trump’s “October Surprise,” where he offered Obama $5 million to prove his citizenship, turned out not to be much of a shocker.

Did Trump’s ties to Romney contribute to the presidential candidate’s Nov. loss? Did months of Trump’s antics translate into anti-Romney sentiment and ultimately to another Obama term? GASP!…IS TRUMP A SECRET DOUBLE-AGENT OBAMA SUPPORTER!?!? Probably not, since he is still spewing crazy, even after the election.

But, you just never know.

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