Deepfake Video of Trump and Pence on “Drag Race” Needs to Sashay Away

Sickening. Literally.

It: Chapter Two hits theaters this weekend, but prepare yourself for something much more terrifying: A video of Donald Trump and Mike Pence competing for the crown on RuPaul’s Drag Race.

Now, before you start tweeting RuPaul that these new queens are garbage, note that this video is as fake as the werkroom’s pink brick walls.

It’s from a segment on Jimmy Kimmel Live! called “Deepfake News,” in which the talk show host explains the rise of deepfake online videos to his audience.

“There’s a lot of fake stuff on Instagram,” Kimmel says in the clip. “Another threat to the election are what they call deepfake videos. They take clips and manipulate them to make it look as if someone did or said something they did not do.”


“For example, this video of Donald Trump and Mike Pence appearing on their favorite television show might not be authentic,” he teases. Kimmel then plays a clip from the Drag Race Season 11 finale where Ru chats with Brooke Lynn Hytes, but Ru’s gorgeous mug has been replaced with Trump’s, and Brooke has become Pence.

Chilling. This video should honestly have a warning because we can never unsee it.

Thankfully, Trump and Pence are not actually competing on Drag Race—unless there’s a very big surprise for Season 12. But RuPaul would never do that to us… right, Ru?

Clutch your rosaries and Holy Bible while you watch the clip below.

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