VIDEO: ‘Downton Abbey’ Gets ‘Saturday Night Live’ Spoof

Chicken lady Maggie Smith

Downton Abbey has really made it big stateside now as Saturday Night Live spoofed the popular drama on their show this weekend. In the fake commercial for Downton, which will playing on Spike TV every Thursday we learn, we get to see what the selling points of the historical drama would be for an all male audience. Some of our favorite lines are below.

  • “They’ve got three daughters named Hot, Way Hot and The Other One.”
  • “There’s an old lady who looks like a chicken. We hated her at first but then we got high and she made us crack up.”
  • “Basically, it’s about a bunch of honkeys who live in a church, or maybe it’s a museum – either way, they don’t got WiFi!”
  • “There’s also a whole bunch of tuxedo people whi live in the basement and their lives suck. Get this, they always have to stand up at the same time.”

See the video here.

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