“Downton Abbey” Trailer: Everyone, Even Maggie Smith, Is Super, Super Sad

downton abbey.jpg

The new season of Downton Abbey washes ashore here in the States early next year on PBS, and judging by the recently released trailer, it has been a bummer winter for all those rich folks living in that big fortress. Even Maggie Smith, who we look to for judgment and humor, is boohooing with her whore granddaughter, which we just will not tolerate.

Everyone is of course suffering from the sads because Matthew wanted to leave a good job on a critically acclaimed drama to become the voice of a computer on a CW show died. Meanwhile, Sybil kicks it and everyone is back in the swing of things in a week. Disgusting, disgusting sexist people.

Suffering the worst is Mary, who is now two for two as it pertains to having men you banged suffer very sudden and very unexpected deaths. She’s kinda like the Taissa Farmiga character in American Horror Story Coven, and we are just going to assume from here on out an actual witch.

So watch above as a bunch of rich people wallow in self-pity. If only O’Brien were still around to give them all a good smack upside the head.