‘Downton Zombie’ Brings The Dead To Life

Spoilers lie ahead in this Downton Abbey parody that ponders what it would look like if the show’s beloved characters who bit the dust this season returned, hungry for braaaaaains. We may miss the hell out of Sir Matthew Crawley and Lady Sybil, but to see them revived as the undead, breaking in on the hunt for flesh, is not very Downton-like.

Suffice it to say, zombies bring out the sassiest zingers in Maggie Smith’s Violet, and that’s nothing to balk at. Whatever it takes to let the dame chew up and spit out the scenery, we’re on board with, and that includes the walking dead. Bring it on, Julian Fellowes, give us all the zombies you’ve got!

…But just keep Thomas alive. We need one guy in our corner.

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