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Dozens Of Dildos Wash Up On The Beach In Italy

Lifeguards near the Hermitage of Camaldoli monastery were forced to ban children from swimming.

Vacation was cut short for families visiting a beach on Italy’s Western coast after a deluge of dildos washed up on the seaside.

Kids were banned from the beach near the Hermitage of Camaldoli monastery, which is located near Naples, after volunteers from the Licola Mare Clean Association stumbled upon the phallic toys while cleaning the area.

Umberto Mercurio is the president of the coastline-cleaning group and explained to The Sun that garbage often ends up in the area because of the way that the sea currents flow, as the spot marks the end of the channel’s course.

Everything from industrial waste to dead animals have been found washed up on the shore in the past, but the volunteers say it was definitely a first to see dozens of dildos on the sand.

The sex toys are currently being removed and it is not yet clear how long children will be banned from the area.

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