The Drag Drop: “Workhorse Queen,” “Generation Drag,” and “How to Get Famous”

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Prepare to drag up your holiday weekend…

WATCH: Generation Drag

From executive producer Tyra Banks comes Generation Drag, a new reality series following five teens and their families as they prepare for Dragutante, a drag show extravaganza spotlighting LGBTQ+ teens. “I have such admiration and respect for these teens,” Banks said in a statement. “They are bravely navigating coming into their own in a world that can be very challenging and not always accepting. What is so beautiful is seeing their parents and siblings supporting them. These teens’ laser-focused tenacity inspires my team and me and we are honored to share their stories. I can’t wait for these popping personalities to show their fierceness to the world.” Generation Drag premieres June 1 on Discovery+.

THE LIBRARY IS OPEN: How You Get Famous: Ten Years of Drag Madness in Brooklyn

Simon & Schuster

“Ten years ago, an aimless coat check girl better known today as Merrie Cherry sweet-talked her boss into giving her $100 to host a drag show at a Brooklyn dive bar…” and the rest they say, is drag herstory. In How You Get Famous, journalist Nicole Pasulka takes a deep dive into how Brooklyn became the epicenter for a new generation of drag artists, including appearances from Drag Race legends Aja, Thorgy Thor, and Sasha Velour. Available June 7.

WATCH: Workhorse Queen

Another day, another documentary about a RuPaul’s Drag Race queen. But Workhorse Queen is anything but a vanity project for one of Drag Race’s most memorable contestants, Mrs. Kasha Davis. Director Angela Washko follows Ed Popil (a.k.a. Kasha Davis) as he leaves his telemarketing job in Rochester, NY to pursue being a full-time drag queen. Workhorse Queen shows what happens after the Drag Race spotlight fades, and how sometimes you have to be the master of your own drag destiny. In addition to trying to make it as a full-time drag artist, Popil also confronts his addiction to alcohol and gets sober — sometimes there’s too much time for a cocktail. Workhorse Queen is available now on DVD and VOD, and premieres June 1 on Starz.

LISTEN: Tia Kofi x Little Boots, “I Specialise in Love”

Little Boots brings Tia Kofi’s high heels to the dance floor for the duo’s latest collab, “I Specialise in Love.” This isn’t the first time Little Boots and the Drag Race U.K. queen have worked together, they also co-wrote Tia’s debut single, “Outside In,” but their shimmery new dance single will have you feeling the disco fantasy all weekend long.

WATCH: Netflix’s new Queen

“After a decades-long absence, a renowned Parisian tailor and drag queen returns to his hometown in Poland to make amends with his daughter,” reads the description for the upcoming Polish limited series, Queen. Drag queens and a cameo from Queer Eye cutie Antoni Porowski, need we say more? Queen premieres June 23 on Netflix.

WATCH: RuPaul on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

RuPaul talks DragCon, his car collection, and partying with Bea Arthur.


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