Drag Performer Who Posed As “Cross-Dressing” Bruce Jenner Apologizes: “It’s Haunting Me”


New York drag comedian and performer Marti Gould Cummings has apologized for his involvement in a speculative tabloid story about Bruce Jenner’s alleged gender transition that ran in a December 2014 issue of  The National Enquirer.

In a video posted to YouTube Monday, Cummings explained the tabloid hired him to simulate Bruce Jenner “cross dressing” in a photo that appeared on the cover last month.

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He says he agreed to pose for the photo to achieve a dream of appearing as front-page news across the country, but later regretted the decision after the story about Jenner’s possible transition turned out to have some truths. Recalling times when he was bullied as a teen for identifying as trans, Cummings says the decision to actively “make fun of Bruce Jenner” is now “haunting” him.

Via Towleroad:

“I thought about all the times I was a kid on the playground preaching to the other kids that I was really a girl and that I had been born into the wrong body.

I thought about the time another boy shoved me into the wall in the bathroom in 4th grade and told me he was going to kill me because I was acting like a girl, I thought about the countless LGBT youth who are homeless because their families have kicked them out of their homes for being who they and and I thought that by me doing this magazine cover I am no better than any of these other bullies.”

“Never compromise your beliefs or your morals for a paycheck,” he concludes. “I’m dedicating 2015 to speaking out for the rights of all LGBT people.”

You can check out Cummings full apology below:

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