Can A Drag Queen Fool The iPhone X’s Facial Recognition Software?

Brita Filter gives Apple's smartphone the ultimate test.

Released on November 3, the iPhone X offers a facial recognition login, or Face ID, to unlock the phone. It’s designed to be a more secure (and convenient) version of a passcode or Touch ID. But would it recognize a drag queen with a mug beaten for the gods?

Jesse Havea—better known by his drag name, Brita Filter, put the red-hot smartphone to the test.

Jesse Havea/Instagram

Apple claims “Face ID automatically adapts to changes in your appearance, and carefully safeguards the privacy and security of your biometric data.”

Havea set up his base facial recognition ID out of drag, then tried to unlock the phone after transforming into Brita. Did she get clocked?

The iPhone X starts at $1,000—for that kind of price tag we hope so.

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