Drag Rapper Mykki Blanco Poses in Gaultier for WAD Magazine

Mykki Blanco Gaultier Wad MagazinePhotos: Wad magazine

In Mykki Blanco’s first mixtape, Cosmic Angel: The Illuminati Princess, the gender-bending rapper growls, “Mykki Blanco is the Fifth Element / Since I came to Earth them other bitches is irrelevant.”  What sounded like hyperbole is coming closer to reality:  Blanco is now modelling for Jean Paul Gaultier, the famous avant-garde fashion icon and costume designer of the classic sci-fi fil, The Fifth Element.  While she isn’t exactly a LeeLoo Dallas look alike, Blanco could certainly show the girls (and boys) of Top Model a thing or two.

mykki blanco gaultier

Blanco, who recently released her second EP, “Betty Rubble: The Initiation”, is becoming more and more of a name in music:  Her raps, although intense and sometimes demonic, have received attention from numerous media outlets, including a cover story in the Village Voice.

But Blanco isn’t only known for her spitting skills but a unique sense of style that ranges from aggressively masculine to angelically feminine.  In a Wad magazine spread Blanco shared on her Facebook page, Blanco is clad from head to toe in Gaultier, demonstrating that she can serve power-bitch realness just as easily as she can lyrically slay the competition.

Next year, Mykki will release her first proper album, Michael, but until then her killer soundcloud and fashionable music videos (below) can hold you over.

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