Drag Queen Mama Tits Shuts Down Protestors At Seattle Pride: Today In Gay


We thought it went without saying that you don’t piss off a 6’3 drag queen. But that’s the lesson learned by anti-gay protestors at Seattle Pride last weekend, where iconic diva Mama Tits confronted one of the thickheaded religious nuts.

She tells Seattle Gay Scene :

I planted myself in his path and wouldn’t move. When he walked around me, I got back in front of him again and again.I stared him in the eyes and could see the pain in his eyes, I could see he was scared and he should have been. He tried to hit me with his sign, but like Bianca Del Rio says ‘Not Today, Satan!’

I pushed his sign away from my face and hair, because you DO NOT TOUCH my hair. And, it was all I could do to NOT get violent, but I didn’t because once that happens, we all lose. They tried to surround me in an intimidation tactic, but let’s face it, I’m fucking HUGE and it didn’t work at all!

…Shortly after I heard him quoting Leviticus, I just spouted back all the other parts he was leaving out to show how much of a hypocrite he was. It is always interesting how religious whack jobs misinterpret EVERYTHING in the Bible and bend it to their will to create HATE, when all they are doing is showing their ignorance. I yelled, ‘You have NO POWER here, be gone before someone drops a house on YOU!’ Once they were escorted off the parade route, I noticed how much it had affected me. I was trembling and on the verge of tears, because when people blindly hate and preach it in public like these people do, they have no regard for the people lives they are affecting.

photo: Dark Dee Lites

A school in northern Pennsylvania has canceled a production of Spamalot because the principal thought a scene with a same-sex wedding was inappropriate for students.

Dawn Burch, theatre director at South Williamsport High School, told WNEP news that Principal Jesse Smith also told her that homosexuality did not exist in their community.

“We want our performances to be appropriate for the student performers and audiences so that anyone participating or watching can enjoy all aspects of the show,”  Superintendent Mark Stamm told ThinkProgress.

The wedding in question takes place near the end of the musical, after Sir Lancelot is outed as gay.

KirunaIFuniformsSweden’s Kiruna IF ice hockey team will wear uniforms emblazoned with the rainbow flag.

The new uniforms, which the team will wear for the next 12 months, are part of an effort to become the first sporting association to receive certification by the Swedish Federation for LGBT Rights.

Since 2008, the Federation has accredited organizations that create a positive work environment for members of the gay community. Kiruna team members will also speak at local schools.

“[It’s] a laudable initiative that is in line with Swedish hockey’s core values, mission and vision,” said Swedish Ice Hockey Association director Tommy Boustedt.