NBC Receives Complaints About Drag Queen Performance On “The Voice”

Won't somebody please think of the children?!

Chris Weaver stole the show with his surprise drag performance on the season finale of The Voice this week, but in a not-at-all-surprising turn of events, bigoted viewers are clutching their pearls in horror.

After being eliminated earlier in the season, Weaver returned to the stage as Nedra Belle and performed Jessie J’s “Bang Bang” with fellow drag queens Jan Sport, Lagoona Bloo and Rosé.

Tyler Golden/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty

The performance was so great it had judges Miley Cyrus and Jennifer Hudson throwing their shoes at the stage in adoration. But angry tweets immediately came pouring in because—gasp!—think of the children!

“Shame on you NBC, I thought you catered to families. You really crossed the line when you allowed the ’drag queen’ act,” wrote one outraged viewer.

The Voice just upset my stomach,” wrote another woman, who should probably go to a doctor to get that checked out.

By the way, when Weaver is not performing in drag, he actually works as a worship leader. And you might be surprised to learn that this news did not sit well with some religious folk.

Obviously the entire country isn’t as blessed as the LGBT community when it comes to being exposed to the beauty of a drag queen, but imagine watching this act and actually thinking it is hurting children somehow.

Angry viewers of The Voice, we’re praying for you as you try to work through this difficult time. And for the majority of people on Twitter who realized that the drag performance was the best part of the reality show’s entire season, here’s the video to help you relive the magic.


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