Drag Queen Travel Tips: Jade Jolie’s Gainesville

Drag Race Season 5 sexpot Jade Jolie stopped by to give us some travel tips on her hometown of Gainesville, Florida. If you’ve ever thought of this sleepy city in the north of Florida it might be because it’s home to the massive University of Florida, or birthplace of Gatorade, or even one of the “best places to live and play” (according to National Geographic Adventure). But Jade will tell you the real deal. Our very own Jem doppelganger (see right, uncanny…) gives the low down on the three MUST SEE locales in lovely Gainesville:

1. Sonnys BBQ
2. Beauty Max
3. Her house

No word on the address of the last one, but I’m sure if you spot her — as she puts it — “meow-ing” around town, and she gives you the time of day, you’ll be able to figure out the rest.

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