Drag Queens Read From Ivanka Trump’s “Women Who Work”

"Some of my best photos of the kids were taken by my nanny during the day."

Drag queens love a good read, but what about when they have to actually read from a book, and that selection is Ivanka Trump’s new book, Women Who Work?

Funny or Die enlisted queens like former RuPaul’s Drag Race contestant Tammie Brown to read passages from Trump’s guide for modern day women who are trying to balance career and family.

Funny or Die/YouTube

Will the girls follow Trump’s advice? Only time will tell, but the ladies certainly look inspired reading out of touch passages from Women Who Work.

Trump reminds women that if they are working on their career before having children to be mindful of their biological clock, and even offers tips on how to become a master at negotiating—like her father!—by trying to get a discount at chic boutiques.

Funny or Die/YouTube

Don’t worry, Trump’s book isn’t all work and no play. She confesses to turning on Real Housewives with a big bowl of pasta and a glass of wine every now and then. “But if I’m honest with myself, it’s kind of counter productive,” Trump confesses.

The best line in the video is from Tammie Brown when she reads about Trump revealing that some of the best photos of her children “were taken by my nanny during the day.”

In case you were wondering: No, this book is not a spoof.

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