Drag Queens March On Westboro Baptist Church: WATCH

Oh honey, if there’s anything we’ve learned from five-plus seasons of RuPaul’s Drag Race, it is that you do not cross a queen.

Clearly that was not a lesson imparted to the Westboro Baptist Church, who got a ringside seat to a drag-show demonstration on their lawn, called Drag Down Bigotry on October 26. Equality House, Planting Peace’s rainbow-colored LGBT center located across from the WBC’s Topeka compound, drew more than 150 people to the outdoor fundraiser, garnering money for an anti-bullying initiative.

In addition to a lively drag show, the event included face-painting, balloon animals, music, candy and other things homophobes hate. “This was another successful step towards silencing the hate from the WBC and bringing awareness to the high suicide rate amongst our LGBTQ youth, ” Aaron Jackson, President of Planting Peace, told the Huffington Post.

Jackson called the show a “huge success.”

Amelia Markham, the center’s director of outreach, lamented the number of suicides every year by LGBT youth, who are traumatized by the kind of hate spewed by the Westboro clan: “We want to use every opportunity we can to switch that message and preach love and inclusion instead of hate. The drag show was the perfect opportunity to declare that message and to raise funds for our anti-bullying initiative for schools in the area and eventually across the country.”

Photos: Megan James-Rogers

Below, check out more photos from Drag Down Bigotry

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