Travesty for Germany

German Drag Queens Launch Political Party To Take On Take On White Nationalists

"We fight against nationalism and racism," says Jacky-Oh Weinhaus. "And stand for the rights of trans people and gay people."

In May, the right-wing Alternative for Germany party (AfD) gained representation in 13 of the 16 German state parliaments. In addition to being anti-immigrant and opposing equal rights for women, AfG is against marriage equality and adoption by same-sex couples. (Which is surprising considering party head Alice Weidel is an out lesbian).


Distraught by the rise of AfD, Berlin entertainer Jacky-Oh Weinhaus and her friends launched Travesty for Germany (TfD), a mock political party playing on the German slang word for drag, “travestie.”

Hanging posters around Berlin, the group is encouraging like-minded Berliners to get out to the polls.


“[We want to] raise the attention of people to interact with different parties,” Weinhaus told the BBC. “We fight against nationalism and racism and stand for the rights of trans people and gay people.”

AfD’s sexist, racist, and anti-Semitic rhetoric “[is] paralyzing to constructive political discourse,” Travesty for Germany declares on its website.

The party won’t be on the ballots, of course, but the queens hopes the campaign encourages more young Germans to get out and vote. Paraphrasing RuPaul, Weinhaus says the goal is to make the AfD “sashay away.”

Can we get an amen?

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