Trinity K. Bonet Isn’t Giving Up on “All Stars”

"I'm happy I didn't worry because I would like to come back and try again."

Trinity K. Bonet was a legend long before she stepped back into the workroom for RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars Season 6.

The Atlanta-based queen already held her own on Drag Race Season 6 in 2014, going up against iconic queens like Bianca Del Rio and Laganja Estranja, the latter of whom she reunited with on All Stars for one of the most electrifying lip-syncs in Drag Race herstory.

Trinity had her share of ups and downs on this season of All Stars. She was the top All Star of the week twice; her Pop Art runway look dazzled the judges; and she finally broke the dreaded Drag Race Beyoncé curse. Despite those victories, it wasn’t all smooth sailing for Trinity. Her Whitney Houston Snatch Game of Love impression was just right and okay, and by the end of the season, she’d ended up in the bottom four times.

Trinity recently spoke with NewNowNext about almost making it to the final four of All Stars Season 6, Eureka returning to the competition, and finally proving Bianca Del Rio wrong.

I really loved your friendship with Eureka throughout the season. On this week’s episode, there’s such a sweet moment where Eureka comes over to you and says that the flirty, cute attention you give them was really special to them. What was it like becoming close with Eureka on set?

Oh, I’ve always known Eureka, so this just kind of like solidified our friendship, being in the same room and both being emotional creatures and being able to confide in each other. That’s pretty much what it was. It was just like, you needed somebody to personally latch onto, and the thing with our names. Of course, the first time you hear them say it, it’s like, “Oh, they go together.” It’s supposed to be a relationship, and it is a relationship, but it’s a great friendship, if anything else. And it was just good to have somebody to comfort and somebody to comfort you. You know?

How did you feel when Eureka returned to the competition? Were you conflicted?

I was not sorry, period. I did a damn moonwalk through the door.


If it was anybody, it should’ve been her. I wouldn’t have been as happy if there was Silky versus Eureka, because Eureka had been there the whole season. She really put in the work. She really was good.

How do you feel about getting so close to the crown? You must’ve been disappointed, but also proud of yourself.

Yeah, that’s exactly it. I was crushed. But I’m also super proud, because I did not go in with the expectations of winning. I was going because the offer was afforded, and just play your cards and see what happens. Then I exceeded my expectations and the expectation of the producers. Yeah, it was definitely worth doing. But I feel like I’ve won in many other ways. I’m happy I didn’t worry because I would like to come back and try again.

On this week’s Untucked, you had that nice moment on the couch with the girls, and you were saying how the workroom was like therapy. How did All Stars make you more confident in yourself and your drag?

I think I walked in there with a great amount of confidence, and I think that confidence is something that’s developed through your life experiences and individual gain or specialization learned. So yeah, maybe I have aimed at 10 extra notches of confidence, at the watching myself back and saying, “Oh, you are good on TV, and you are who you think you are in your head and in your heart.” I don’t just put on, or I don’t take no shit from people. I don’t let people handle me the way they want to. I don’t let people mistreat me. And those are all good things because there’s a lot of people in life that are allowing people to dictate or make them move the way that they feel like they should. Not over here, though.

I want to talk about the lip-sync between Eureka and Jaida Essence Hall. The other girls seemed pretty energetic on the sidelines, but you were just sitting there stoic until Eureka started rolling around the stage, then I saw you smiling and laughing. How were you feeling, watching that lip-sync?

After watching that, I saw Eureka winning it. I saw her, because, watching it, she was kind of killing it over Jaida. Jaida was good, but it’s passionate when Eureka performs and this was something that she wanted. And I knew she wanted the challenge. She was going to win the lip-sync. I didn’t care who was coming out, I was going home. And there’s nothing you can do about it. You don’t get to tip for your life. You don’t get the opportunity to plead your case. You don’t get anything. They vote you out, you go. So that’s a hard pill to swallow when you’ve made it to the top four and then they take it away from you. So, how should I see it? Why should I be excited?

Yeah, that must be tough. Whenever I ask the queens, none of them are surprised. They’re always like, “Yeah, I knew I was going home.”

Mm-hmm. You know it.

It was weeks ago and people are still talking about that Laganja lip-sync. What was it like competing against Laganja onstage? That was just one of the best lip syncs in Drag Race herstory.

Well, when I was there, I was in the moment and doing my own thing, so I really wasn’t able to get into her. I knew that she was flipping all over the place, so I didn’t see that. And I would win. And when she took something off and all of that, so it wasn’t that I watched it back. I was like, “She beat my ass. Yeah, she won. It’s okay. It’s all right, girl.” I was proud of her because she got her chance to come and turn it and be seen and get it. Stuff like that… it was good TV. I’m happy. I’m proud to be a part of great, memorable TV that people will watch years from now and still gasp and be entertained because it happened 20 years ago, but, bitch, it’s still turning it today.

How’s it feel to break the Beyoncé curse on Drag Race, and how does it feel to prove Bianca Del Rio wrong?

Well, I’ll start backwards. I’ve been proving Bianca wrong, a long time ago when she went home and did her homework and she was like, “Oh bitch, I’m finer than you, I’ll be out there.” She’s been famous for years now. Because I’ve been posting videos of stuff for years, but for her to… it mattered now that people took notes, and so it felt great to get that because Bianca’s a very popular person and a lot of people was riding off the stuff she did there, calling me Sammy Davis or stuff like that. Now everybody’s like, “Well, Bianca said it’s cool, so it’s cool. She’ll be out there. Cool.” I guess it was good. It was for the people. And I think what happened was that those girls did Beyoncé on Snatch Game, and that wasn’t a good idea. To perform her is something different. Any one of those girls could have killed, before me, [performing as] Beyoncé, but Snatch Game is something different. I could perform the hell out of Whitney Houston, I just can’t be her. So, yeah.

What’s your go-to Whitney song to perform?

All the Man I Need.”

I love it. Well, Trinity, thank you so much for your time today. You should be so proud because you were amazing on this season.

I am proud. It’s a great feeling.

RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars Season 6 premieres Thursdays on Paramount+.

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