Michelle Visage Talks To This Week’s Eliminated All Star: “I’m Really Good With Everything I Did”

The "Drag Race" Hall of Fame is about to get bigger!

Michelle Visage sits down to chat with the most recent eliminated Drag Race All Star in the latest installment of The Final Lap.

Season 7’s legendary Ginger Minj got the boot last week after a sickening lip sync between the top 2, Alaska and Detox.

But like most of the queens who sashay away from the Drag Race runway, Ginger knows her time in the spotlight is definitely not over.

“I’m really good with everything I did. I was proud of it [because] it’s nothing I would have ever done,” the All Star said of the futuristic look she was serving.

Most importantly, Ginger said she considers her run on the series a “complete victory” because she improved so much since her first run.

“I was really happy that, not only did I step outside of the box with what I wore, but the hair was different, the makeup was different,” she said.

Michelle added: “I think for you, that’s a perfect victory.” Check it out below.

RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars 2 airs Thursdays at 8/7c on Logo.

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