Amazing Artist “RuCreates” Barbie Dolls As “Drag Race” Queens

How do you cinch a 3-inch waist?

Barbie can sometimes look like a drag queen, but one talented artist has actually remade the iconic doll as the stars of RuPaul’s Drag Race.

Mark Jonathan has posted examples of his “RuPaints” on Instagram, including 11-inch versions of Naomi Smalls and Trixie Mattel.

Mark chose Naomi’s look from the Season 8 neon challenge as his inspiration. “It felt super Barbie,” he says in the video below. “I just loved the aesthetic and it just felt like an iconic look for her.”


On Instagram, Naomi called Mark a “f*cking mastermind.”.
“I’m so in love with this and so flattered!”

Jonathan also transformed two dolls into Valentina from Season 9:

Y’know, this should totally be a challenge on Season 10.

h/t: Teen Vogue

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