‘Drag Race’ Fans Ask: What Rule Did Willam Break?

Loitering! Of course!

Did you hear the news? Willam got kicked off of RuPaul’s Drag Race on Monday for breaking the rules of the competition! We don’t know which rule it was, though, and it’s driving more than a few of us crazy. Speculation abounds! Other Drag Race queens weighed in yesterday, but Twitter and Tumblr still want answers. Here are a few rule-breaking ideas we found:

First, there are the hilarious Photoshops on did Willam swim during undertow conditions? Bring a dog to the beach? Smoke? Gamble?

Then there are the Tweets, of which there are MANY, but here are a couple of guesses:

“But what did Willam do? Hurled on @RuPaul’s Iron Fist shoes?” – @Orimental

“I bet Willam slept with someone on the show. Can’t wait for the reunion!!” – SinfulBunny

“I really wanna know why Willam went home. My mom thinks he got a rib removed.” – @KidWithTheShooz

(That last one is the most inventive one we’ve heard so far, but it explains a lot about Willam’s corset-rocking, of which Dita Von Teese is probably jealous.)

The Greatest Mystery of Our Time will be cleared up on the reunion special on 4.30.12…

If you’re a Willam super fan (who the hell isn’t after this piece of genius?) be sure to cast your vote for him as the year’s “Most Addictive Reality Star” for the NewNowNext Awards — on Logo Monday April 9th.

Also, you can vote for Willam to sashay back to the runway in the RuPaul’s Drag Race All-Stars competition, on Facebook.