“Whatcha Packin’”: Michelle Visage Sits Down With “Drag Race” Season 10 Final Four

Aquaria, Eureka, Asia, and Kameron get the last words.

By now you know Aquaria snatched the crown on the RuPaul’s Drag Race season 10 grand finale. But as the old saying goes, it ain’t over until every last bitch sits in a director’s chair across from Michelle Visage.

The ultimate squirrel friend has blessed us all with her final four episodes of Whatcha Packin’, grilling the final four queens on what they’ve taken away from the competition.


Muscle queen Kameron Michaels discusses finding more self-confidence, matriarch Asia O’Hara chats about discovering the beauty of being ugly, and big girl Eureka O’Hara explains how she learned not to rely on her plus-sized body.

And although she never had to pack her bags after an elimination, Aquaria opens up to her biggest cheerleader about being the season’s youngest contestant, getting advice from drag mother Sharon Needles, and squashing her beef with frenemy Miz Cracker.


“I definitely felt like I needed to show people I’m more than the superficial image that they usually get to see online and whatnot,” Aquaria says of her competitive strategy, adding that she was relieved her runway looks were so well received. “I tried to put my own Aquarian flair into everything I do.”

“I’ve become a person that I’m extremely proud of, so this whole experience has taken me to what I thought was level 100 to a different version of level 100.”

Watch all four exit interviews below.

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