“Drag Race” Stars Raven, Jujubee And Manila Luzon Get Their Grub On With New Cooking Channel Show

drag my dinner party

We can’t say we ever recall seeing a drag queen eat in public—it’s actually listed as a no-no in Workin’ It: RuPaul’s Guide to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Style—but Jujubee, Manila Luzon and Raven are heading to the Cooking Channel for Drag My Dinner Party, a new special in which our drag divas help hapless hosts bring life to their dull dinners.

In this Cooking Channel special, three Party Queens, aka The Drag MacGuyvers, help an anxious family prepare for an extra-special dinner party. Each Party Queen has a different expertise: food, fashion and fabulousity. These drag professionals spread the love, creativity and humor as they make magical transformations on a limited budget for a successful event.

On this episode, Mike Nelson—the one not in a dress above—needs help putting together an unforgettable  dinner for his girlfriend of three years, Cindy.  Jujubee brings the recipes, Raven brings the style and Manila brings the “fabulosity,” which in this case means teaching Mike some salsa steps. Think of it as Queen Eye for the Straight Guy.

Drag My Dinner Party premieres October 25 at 11pm.


drag my dinner party cooking channel
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