Fierceness From Queen to Shining Queen in New Drag Roll Call Video

We pledge allegiance to the drag!

Inspired by the virtual roll call from this year’s Democratic National Convention, where a representative from each state cast their vote for the presidential nominee, GLAAD and the creators of HBO’s We’re Here have released their own patriotic roll call, “We’re Here. We’re Queer. #WeVote.” The campaign features drag queens, kings, and trans and nonbinary performers from America’s 50 states and Washington, D.C.

In addition to drag legends from each state appearing in the video, We’re Here co-hosts Bob the Drag Queen, Eureka, and Shangela are all featured.

Courtesy of GLAAD

“We’re Here. We’re Queer. #WeVote.” aims to reach LGBTQ voters and motivate them to hit the polls on or before November 3. It also points viewers to GLAAD’s Voting Action Center so they can check their voter registration status, request mail-in ballots, and more.

“It’s imperative that we as an LGBTQIA community stand together and make our voices heard loud and clear during this election,” Shangela said in a statement. “There is a great deal at stake for us and those who love like us, and if we don’t win, the conservative agenda will push back any progress on equality that we’ve achieved in the last decade.”

Bob the Drag Queen stressed how important voting is, calling it “the cornerstone of democracy, and when you are underrepresented in Congress, this is the best way to make your voice heard.”

Courtesy of GLAAD

Keep your eyes peeled for another familiar face from We’re Here in the video: Lady Shug, a fierce nonbinary, indigenous queen featured in the Farmington, New Mexico episode, also makes an appearance in the video:

“A lot of people don’t realize that indigenous people were the last people to be allowed to vote,” Lady Shug exclusively tells NewNowNext. “Being the first people of this nation, this is the opportunity to use our voices to protect indigenous land and peoples. As relatives, we need to take back our vote and make our presence known.”

As NewNowNext reported in 2019, an estimated one in five LGBTQ Americans are not registered to vote. Election cycle after election cycle, youth turnout continues to be a challenge.

“The importance of LGBTQ people using their voice has always been important but now more than ever! We have to stand together to maintain what growth we have received in our equal rights and especially to keep them moving forward,” Eureka said. “It’s no longer a suburban family ruled America! We have to prove that! We’re Here and We Vote!”

Can we get an amen? Watch GLAAD’s drag roll call video below.

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