Ginger Minj Got Married At DragCon

And MIchelle Visage did the honors.

We expected panels, performances and even some hair-pulling at DragCon NYC’s premiere outing. What we didn’t expect was a wedding.

But during a makeover panel, Season 7 queen Ginger Minj tied the knot with her man, Cee Jay. Michelle Visage, a registered officiant, did the honors and offered some beautiful words.

(Michelle had previously officiating a wedding between two men who met on Tinder.)

Anyone who’s met Ginger has heard her wax romantic about her guy, so we’re just tickled pink they tied the knot. (We assume our invite got lost in the mail.)

The glamour toad was there to give a makeover to Lactacia, the 8-year-old drag sensation who put Bianca Del Rio in her place earlier this year. (Lil’ Lactacia served as flower girl.)

Having appeared at the DragCons in L.A., Ginger is something of a veteran of the events.

“DragCon brings all of us weird kids together,” she told Billboard. “DragCon is our mall, where we can hang out, take pictures together, and talk about cool things like makeup and wigs.”


This new bride has a lot on her plate, including appearances in the Jennifer Aniston movie Dumplin’ and another film, Miss Arizona. She’s also working on one-woman show about Divine, a YouTube cooking show with Jiggly Caliente (called Wigs in a Blanket) and is working on new music—more dance-oriented than the torch songs of her previous record, Sweet T.

“This one’s going to be a party,” she says. “I’m just in a much happier place in my life. When Season 7 was filming and airing, I wasn’t a happy person, and I was working through some sad, difficult stuff. But now I’m content. When I wake up in the morning, I’m ready to celebrate.”

Mavel Tov!

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