“Dragstrip 66” Documentary To Tell Nightclub History

Dragstrip 66

Gay and subcultural history isn’t passed down through traditional history classes, which makes it all the more important to chronicle the legacy of our queer predecessors ourselves. So, while most kickstarters at this point seem like hollow promotional projects, you should consider giving a few bucks over to the makers of Dragstrip 66 for their upcoming documentary on the eponymous nightclub.

Dragstrip 66 was a notorious LGBT party frequented by legends like Jackie Beat, Sharon Needles, Miss Coco Peru, Joey Arias, Varla Jean Merman, Roseanne Barr, Anderson Cooper, Traci Lords, Marilyn Manson, Sir Ian McKellan and Pedro Almodovar. It was a Los Angeles center of culture and creativity.  The creators of the party, Mr. Dan (aka hostess Gina Lotriman) and DJ Paul V. described the aesthetics of the event as “John Waters directing the Sex Pistols as styled by Bob Mackie and Goodwill.”

Until being busted by the fire marshall, Dragstrip 66 lasted from 1999 to 2013. Scouring the video archives, Phil Scanlon and DJ Paul V. Vitagliano are attempting the pay homage to the scene with a film, currently being crowdfunded on TubeStart.

Check out a trailer for the project, below! You can also read an interview with the producers over here.

h/t: Huffpo

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