Dramatic Local Anchor Succumbs To His Thirst, Loses It Over Hot Guest Chef

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The thirst was real for Better Connecticut host Scot Haney on Monday, when he came face-to-face with the most beautiful man in the world during a cooking segment.

Hot local chef Ryan Durant, owner of Assaggio Restaurant in Branford, appeared to demonstrate his favorite crab cakes recipe and while the segment was ending, the sexual tension in-studio hit its climax and Haney just couldn’t handle the stunner to his left any longer.

Assuming Durant was married, Haney asked him to confirm for viewers at home that he was officially off the market.

When he finds out the super-sexy chef is actually unmarried, Haney bulges his eyes in surprise and, aghast, drops his fork on the counter before walking off-camera in disbelief. “I’m in the car already!” you can hear him yell from stage left as Durant reveals he has “a beautiful girlfriend” at home.

This man is at @assaggiobranford every night. #eyecandy #carlyvsscott #assaggio #hesinhiscaralready @ryan_durant

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Durant may be straight but he certainly isn’t narrow! According to Buzzfeed, he’s involved with the non-profit Dining Out For Life, and donates his services annually to a dining fundraising event that raises money for AIDS organizations.

Haney, a new national hero, responded to his viral fame on yesterday’s Better Connecticut episode.

“Were you really thirsty?” his co-anchor asks. “You’re the thirsty anchor that dropped your fork over the sexy chef!”

Haney responded: “Yesterday, we had a chef on, Ryan Durant…and he’s probably one of the most beautiful men I’ve ever seen. I thought he had a wife, and he didn’t!”


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