There’s a “Dream Daddy” Comic Book and You Can Read the First Issue Right Now

Oh, daddy!

Branded 2017’s “most anticipated Dad-based game,” the Dream Daddy video game took niche gaming to the next level: It’s a dating sim that lets users play as a hot single father looking to romance other hot single fathers.

The newest addition to the “Game Grumps” franchise, Dream Daddy featured seven dateable dad characters—including Teacher Dad, Goth Dad, and Bad Dad—and an infinite number of dad-themed puns. Users could customize their “Daddy,” choosing everything from body type to facial hair.

The game proved to be such a hit that it spawned merchandise and had fans cosplaying as their favorite dads. Now Dream Daddy has jumped from the the gaming screen to the comic book store. Comics publisher Oni Press just dropped the first issue of a surprise Dream Daddy comic series on comiXology and other digital platforms.

Oni Press

“There are so many more stories we wanted to explore in the DDADDS universe,” Dream Daddy co-creator Vernon Shaw said in a statement. “And Oni is giving us this amazing new outlet to tell them. Hope everyone likes Dad jokes!”

“It’s always been a dream of mine to work on a comic book series,” added co-creator Leighton Gray. “I couldn’t be happier that we got to make all these cool new Dad stories with such cool people!”

The first issue is titled “Much Abird About Nothing” and the description on comiXology reads:

It’s college reunion time! Who’d have thought that it’s already been fifteen years since Keg-Stand Craig and the new Dad on the block went to college? This one’s like a buddy cop comedy, only there are no cops and more avoiding old flames while trying to stifle an existential breakdown, bro.

The first issue of the five-part series is available digitally now, and you can order physical copies at Oni’s online store. They will also be available at upcoming comic conventions.

Oni Press

Head over to Paste to read pages from the thirst-inducing first issue.

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