Dress Like A Millionaire: Winter Essentials

A weekly segment in which we capture the Downton Abbey look at Roseanne re-run prices.

Silk foulard scarves, buttery deerskin driving gloves, and shearling hats are still the proud Winter markings of the blue blooded, but lately with men’s wear’s ever strong obsession over authentic preppydom they’ve also been making their way from the penthouse to the streets. Allow us to show you how to spread a little Grey Poupon with a French’s yellow bankroll.

Camel Coats

Shaving camels, or at least making it appear that you did, will keep you warm and correct through the Holidays.

Camel Hair Coat

Double breasted with real horn buttons, a silk lining, and made from actual camel hair, I would happily run the point of my rapier though the philistine who failed to acknowledge the absolute overflow of balling incarnate in this coat. But then again it costs 2 month’s rent. J Crew’s version claims not a single camel’s hair and isn’t even quite camel colored, but it still captures all of the new American gentry appeal of wearing a light colored wool topcoat all winter.

Silk foulard scarves

Either under a camel coat or a leather jacket, foulard scarves like these will ensure you’ve always packed a bit of the international play boy

Silk Foulard Scarf

If you regularly find yourself behind the controls of a bi-plane or vintage roadster you probably already own this Gucci scarf which perfectly updates the classically natty foulard scarf with this moody Decco print. However if like me you prefer to knot one of these up with a tweed blazer and sneakers, this version from Land’s End at a is-your-website-on-fire? price more than gets the job done.

Leather driving gloves

Whether you or your chauffeur is behind the wheel these driving gloves will ensure that you’ll be rolling in style

Leather Driving Gloves

These rusty brown deerskin gloves are to be used strictly for piloting that plane/roadster of yours or for very classy, business world murders. For lesser crimes please consider this black version with subtle red piping that sets them apart just enough for you to be identifiable in the lineup.

Tortoiseshell sunglasses

Get your railrod mogul meets comparative lit professor look together with these tortoiseshell sunglasses

Tortoiseshell Sunglasses

The reflected glare from your golden horde getting too much for you? Strap on these Persol’s that channel equal parts Corbusier and Steven McQueen. The charm of tortoiseshell eyewear in general is that it’s use by gentleman intellectuals everywhere makes it about as far removed as you can get from the Star Trek engineer type, Oakley glasses beloved by Nascar denizens and baseball catchers. Even though this pair from Super America is a little less wonkish, they’re still made in Italy and a more than handsome enough sidekick to all that foulard gushing from your neck.

Shearling Hats

Negotiating some mutual disarmament in Saint Petersburg or just going to brunch, these shearling hats will ensure nothing is left to the mercy of the elements

Shearling Hats

With earflaps down, this type of headwear can get a little too flying ace or Fargo for my taste but with earlaps pinned they’re pure, cold war diplomat touring the Siberian wilds. Coach’s version combines the softest, most broken in sheepskin with the airiest wool to bring you into some very comfortable headspace indeed. Ignoring their multitude of past and current sins in the footwear world, UGG has put together a very sturdy, paired down alternative at half the price. If you’re still balking at that north of $200 sticker price, keep in mind this is still actual shearling. There’s also a multitude of options with a similar look, decidedly south of $100.


Evan Widhu is a Men’s Wear Buyer in New York. At the moment he’s limiting his own foray into the new American gentry to a kindergarten aged bottle of scotch.