Don’t Miss The Outrageous Drag Documentary “Dressed As A Girl,” Premiering At Drag Con

"The Frockumentary of the year."

Better make some room in your RuPaul’s Drag Con schedule for the U.S. premiere of Dressed As A Girl.

Dressed as a Girl Cover

This new film from World of Wonder strips off the wigs and makeup to reveal the personal side of East London’s alternative drag scene. A spiritual successor to Paris Is Burning and The Cockettes, Dressed as a Girl was filmed over a six-year-period and offers unique insights in trailblazing performers like Jonny Woo, Holestar, Scottee, Amber Waze, Pia Arber and John Sizzle.


Director Colin Rothbart and Amber Waze, Holestar and John Sizzle will be in attendance at the Drag Cron screening.



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