Drew Droege And Jordan Firstman Return To Ruin First Dates As “The Disgustings”

Horrible people giving horrible advice. You'll love it!

It was a perfect surprise to discover hilarious duo Drew Droege and Jordan Firstman were reprising their roles as horrible people in The Disgustingsa short film written by Firstman that originally debuted last year.

The boys are back for round two, thanks to a collaboration with Gawker and Hulu’s original series Difficult People.

“The characters in The Disgustings and Difficult People share many of the same irredeemable qualities so I made another short to go with that,” explains Firstman.
And we’re so glad they did. The distasteful twosome are back to wreak havoc on unsuspecting couples on dates, and the comedians continue to play these perverse people to perfection.
Firstman discussed the inspiration for the short sequel:
“This idea was inspired by our favorite movie, Pay It Forward, but if Kevin Spacey and Helen Hunt played themselves instead of characters, and rather than just one little kid dying, everyone died. We wanted a world where Kevin Spacey and Helen Hunt reigned supreme. And I think the final product is exactly what we set out to do.”
On second thought, maybe you should just watch The Disgustings: Save the Date for yourselves below.

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