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Celebrate Drew Droege’s Birthday With 10 Of His Most Priceless Performances

"It's recently come to my attention that I love birthdees."

From viral videos and movie cameos to TV spots and live performances, Drew Droege is the reigning king of queer comedic confections.

The funnyman is the gift that keeps on giving, so in honor of his birthday, we’re sharing those gifts with all of you.

Take a look below at some of his greatest characters, performances and overall magical moments that have been archived online for our viewing pleasure.

  1. Chloë “Birthdays”

    Droege first popped up on our radars with his side-splitting portrayal of Chloë Sevigny on YouTube. At this point, there are dozens of mesmerizing Chloë videos in the collection, but we obviously had to take it back to the start with the “Birthdays” episode in honor of Drew’s big day.

  2. Tanya Roberts Tahiti Village

    Before captivating the world as Chloë, Droege was donning a blonde wig to play another Hollywood heroine, Tanya Roberts. This clip features Tanya in an infomercial for “everyone’s favorite Las Vegas destination, Tahiti Village.”

  3. Cocktails and Classics: Grey Gardens

    As one of the stars of Logo’s Cocktails and Classics, Droege joins Michael Urie and friends to celebrate some of the finest films in cinema history. For the Grey Gardens episode, the comedian delivered a pitch-perfect reenactment of one of the documentary’s most famous scenes.

  4. Paragon School for Girls

    In this mysterious and mesmerizing web series by Jim Hansen, Droege plays Ms. Click, a schoolmarm from a mountaintop boarding school for young girls with magical abilities.

  5. Paint Me Bitch

    Drew took a seat in Willam’s makeup chair last year for the drag queen’s web series, Paint Me Bitch, which featured Gia Gunn beating Droege’s face for the gods. Watch through to the end to see Droege’s hilarious Willam impression.

  6. Hollywood Acting Studio

    Droege starred in this 2013 web series as an over-the-top acting instructor with a unique approach to the craft.

  7. Not Looking

    When Jason Looney created a web series parodying HBO’s Looking, Droege stole the show as a cantankerous character who couldn’t accept his age. The above episode features Drew in a witty war of words with actor Mitch Silpa before hitting the streets to go prancercizing.

  8. Drunk History

    Drew drank plenty of vodka before sharing his feelings on the Reagans for a brilliant episode of the Comedy Central hit show.

  9. The Disgustings

    Jordan Firstman’s comedic short film The Disgustings found Droege playing a super-offensive, but easily offended garbage person. In other words, it was perfect.

  10. My Drunk Aunts

    It may be hard to believe, but this next clip features Drew in a wig. The comedian partnered with John Roberts, who plays Linda on Bob’s Burgers, to pay homage to everyone’s favorite family member: the drunk aunt. This episode finds the sisters ecstatic that “they’re gonna get the gays to come over.”

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