Drew Droege Channels “Confirmed Bachelor” Lindsey Graham In New Funny Or Die Video

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Out comedian/actor Drew Droege teamed up with Funny Or Die to drag the Southern conservatives who are up in arms about the nation’s demand for South Carolina to take down the Confederate flag at its state house.

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Droege impersonates “bachelor” South Carolina senator/2016 Republican presidential candidate Lindsey Graham, who just last Friday said, “The flag represents to some people, a civil war, and that was the symbol of one side. To others, it’s a racist symbol and it’s been used by people in a racist way.”

He then added, “The problems we’re having in South Carolina and around the world aren’t because of a symbol, but because of what’s in people’s hearts.”

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Now he’s shifted (surprise), and agrees that the flag should be removed until further notice.

Well, Droege and the FOD didn’t let that questionable switcharoo slide.

“I changed my stance, because I’m what some people might call, a weasel!” Droege/Graham says.

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Graham then introduces a host of “fine citizens from the Palmetto State” who agree that the flag should still fly, that its symbol has ZERO to do with race and the state’s past of slavery, but represents heritage! And Southern pride! We hear quotes from…

This classy lady…

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… this quaint looking fella …

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… this dude, too…

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… naturally…

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… oh, and this chill bro…

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Meanwhile, this man appears to speak the obvious, “Oh, it’s a racial thing. It’s a symbol of slavery. My heritage is that my ancestors got enslaved.”

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Graham returns with a final defense: “Well, Georgia has the flag on its license plates!”

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Watch the perfect video below.