Drew Droege’s Chloe Discovers She Has Grandparents

In her new video she learns about the "ancient people."

Fresh off of his acclaimed run in his one-man show, Bright Colors and Bold Patterns, Drew Droege is back as your favorite fashionable celebrity, Chloe Sevigny.

In her latest video from director Jim Hansen, the Oscar-nominated actress receives a mysterious birthday card in the mail with some “currency” in it—only to discover that the card was signed by something called “Grandparents.”

chloe currency

Chloe is on the case as she asks famous celebrities like Bruce Dern and Camilla Parker Bowles about their grandparents, and learns what they smell like and that they shockingly “remember the past.”

It’s so wonderful being with Chloe as she discovers the world (and learns how genealogy works). What will she fall in love with next?

Watch the video below.


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