“Drag Race” Ghouls Get Ooky and Spooky in “Drive ‘N Drag: Halloween”

They're serving exorcism eleganza!

Time to break out the Ouija board because things are getting ooky and spooky with the RuPaul’s Drag Race girls. No, it’s not Bianca Del Rio out of hair and makeup, we’re talking about a new Halloween-themed outdoor exorcism extravaganza!

Live drag shows have been on pause for months thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, but that changed this past summer when Voss Events created the new live experience Drive ’N Drag, starring some of the most popular queens from RuPaul’s Drag Race. The live tour was a resounding success with queens serving it across America—so much so that there’s a Canadian version scheduled for this fall featuring the queens from Canda’s Drag Race.

Now the girls ghouls are conquering the afterlife in Voss Events’ latest live show, Drive ‘N Drag: Halloween.

Voss Events

Asia O’Hara will host the spooky spectacular with Drag Race favorites Yvie Oddly, Aquaria, Kameron Michaels, Kim Chi, Vanessa Vanjie, and Violet Chachki starring as trapped spirits who have all have died from obscure causes (a car accident, food poisoning, burned at the stake, etc.) Each tortured soul will share her chilling tale in “an immersive stage performance that is sure to fright and delight.”

You won’t have to travel to a graveyard to see these queens serve exorcism eleganza; you’ll just need to start your engines and head to your local drive-in theater. The outdoor concert series will launch October 2 in Philadelphia and run through October 31 with scare-filled stops in San Francisco, Boston, Denver, and New York.

“Our wildly popular drive-in productions are proving the drag show must go on even through a pandemic!” said show producer Brandon Voss. “The show has been adapted to be even more interactive than the original arena production, bringing performances and haunts into the parking lot for a good scare.”

Voss Events

And in case your Halloween candy doesn’t hold you over, there will be gourmet food trucks featuring tasty treats and exclusive merch for sale from your favorite queens.

Tickets are available now on the Voss Events website. This might be the queens’ final performance before they cross over, so we wouldn’t wait to scoop ’em up.

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