Mexican Drug Lords Hide $1 Million Worth Of Meth In Penis Candles

Secret agents tricked the cartel into bringing the candles to a warehouse in New Jersey.

Over $1 million worth of methamphetamine was seized by law enforcement last week after a Mexican drug cartel tried to smuggle it into New York and New Jersey by hiding it in penis-shaped wax candles.

DEA agents have charged five people with conspiring to distribute meth after tricking them into delivering 27 boxes full of 1,300 pounds of meth candles to a warehouse in New Jersey.

An undercover agent met with one of the dealers after learning about a large shipment of drugs coming into the area and suggested the New Jersey warehouse as a location to turn the methamphetamine into crystal meth.

“It’s kind of a cross between Breaking Bad and a Sex and the City case,” law enforcement joked to New York Daily News about the phallic candles that were used to conceal the drugs.

DEA Special Agent James Hunt says that despite the choice of candles being amusing, it signifies a larger problem of cartels attempting to create a market for meth in the area.

“DEA has seen drugs smuggled in numerous ways: concealed in puppies, lollipops, furniture and produce. But secreting a million-dollars worth of methamphetamine in wax candles of various shapes is shocking,” Hunt told Daily News. “This seizure signifies that drug trafficking organizations are determined to create a stronghold of meth users in the Northeast.”

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