‘DTLA’ Star Matthew Stephen Herrick Talks Facebook Stalking, ‘My Cousin Vinny’


Matthew is clearly a fan of the gym.

Have you been watching DTLA, Logo’s amazing new series? Well if not get over to LOGOTV.com right now to catch up, and then tune in tonight at 11/10 c for new brand new episodes.

And, in celebration of tonight’s episodes, we got the very, very cute Matthew Stephen Herrick, who plays Bryan, to answer our nine questions.

1. What Movie line do you use, possibly too much?
“Oh yeah, you blend.” And the whole monologue of “Pretend your a deer, you’re prancing through the forest…” You get the idea, My Cousin Vinny is a bit of an obsession.

2. Church of Scientology or Church of Latter Day Saints?
Church of Scientology. I’ve been to the Celebrity Center. They have a really delicious cafe…I should probably clarify I’m not a scientologist.

3. Trend you’d be happy to see the end of?
The T-shirt and scarf combination. Are you cold or are you hot? I don’t get it.

4. Favorite Cher song & why?
Uh… I think the only one that comes to mind that I know the name of is “Do you believe in love?” And I do, I believe in love.

5. Which Spice Girl are you?
errr…. Scary?

6. Marry, F*ck, Kill: James Franco? Ryan Gosling? or Channing Tatum?
Fuck James Franco i guess, Kill Channing Tatum because his dance moves are way better than mine and Marry Ryan Gosling – He’s the coolest and I’d be cool by association.

7. Who do you stalk on Facebook?
The “people you may know” suggestions. I may sound a little creepy for that.

8. Best drunk text you’ve ever sent or received?
“I used a homeless man’s non working cell phone and now I have pink eye.”

9. Lie you always tell?
I’m the worst liar. I always end up telling the truth and blowing up my own spot. I blame Catholic guilt for that.