‘DTLA’ Star Marshelle Fair Talks Kim Kardashian, ‘Galaxy Quest’: Nine Questions

Marshelle Fair DTLA

Marshelle in DTLA.

Marshelle Fair has a rather difficult job in the upcoming Logo series DTLA, playing the lone woman in a group of temperamental, and often judgmental, gay men. In the role of SJ, Fair plays a woman whose marriage is unraveling just as a former lover returns to LA. Isn’t it funny how fate works?

We caught up with Marshelle before the premiere of DTLA, coming to Logo October 24 at 11/10 c, and had her answer our nine questions.

1. What movie line do you use, possibly too much?
“Maybe you can form some sort of rudimentary lathe…” – Galaxy Quest, Sam Rockwell

2. Church of Scientology or Church of Latter Day Saints?
Scientology. Secret groups etc.

3. Trend you’d be happy to see the end of?
Anything to do with Kim Kardashian.

4. Favorite Cher song and why?
“Half Breed.” Actually, anything Cher sings. It’s Cher.

5. Which Spice Girl are you?
How ’bout Droll Spice or Assassin Spice?

6. Marry, F*ck, Kill: James Franco, Ryan Gosling, and Channing Tatum?
I’ve worked with James so this is weird. Marry Ryan, f*ck James, kill Channing?

7. Who do you stalk on Facebook?

8. Best drunk text you’ve ever sent or received?
Don’t remember, was drunk. Best “catch someone in a lie text” though, saw the person answering my text across the bar, saying he was at home “sick”

9. Lie you always tell?
I’m SO not answering that. It won’t work anymore ;)

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